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About me

Monika Koesling
For many years now I have been interested in and studied the pursuit of good health. I have studied and travelled extensively all around the world in this quest. I have concentrated on finding the answers to such basic and essential life questions as:
How do I achieve good health?
How can I maintain good health once achieved?

Since 1988, more than twenty years ago, I have made several trips to India to learn and experience more about meditations, mantras, “mudras,” breathing techniques, yoga and “ayirveda,” i.e., the Indian “science of life.”

Since 2000 I have consistently meditated on a regular basis and become acquainted with the different forms of mediation as practiced in Japan, Thailand, Tibet and India.

Since 2005 I have pursued the study of “Reiki,” many different techniques of spiritual healing and inner sound therapy (Arden Wilken, USA).

Before deciding to become a professional “Energy Healer”, with a mission
to help others experience the many benefits of “Energy Healing”,
I held a managerial-level position in international banking at one of Frankfurt, Germany’s, leading banks.